Trinity Community Council June Online Meeting, Monday 14th June 2021, 7pm


14 June 2021 at 7pm by Zoom Videoconference

Ctrl+Click or Copy+Paste to Join Zoom Meeting at

Meeting ID: 840 6895 7787 Passcode: 353645 

OR by telephone 0131 460 1196

Please see the attached Meeting Agenda:

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Public Engagement Survey

Public Engagement Survey
Dear all,

Police Scotland is working with partners at Victim Support Scotland to run a public engagement exercise between now and the end of August.

This engagement takes the form of a survey and one to one interviews with people who would like to take part.

The survey will covers aspects such as  
·         Aftercare options provided by Police Scotland (for people who have been affected by crime)
·         Discussion regarding Police Scotland’s support services referral process.
·         Informative aftercare material including the victim care card (VCC).
·         Feedback on how Police Scotland can continue to evolve their support services and aftercare referral processes to meet public needs.

We would ask local divisions to encourage people in your communities to take part in the survey in all appropriate ways.

The survey is accessed via following link:

Your participation would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
PC Kaiser-Ferris
Edinburgh Division

Message Sent By
Sonja Kaiser-Ferris (Police, Constable, Edinburgh)
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Bike Marking at Victoria Park, Saturday 5th June from 11am

The local police are doing bike marking in Victoria Park this Saturday (5th June) from 11am –

No appointment needed, all welcome, just get yourself along with your bike.

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Home Security Advice from Police Scotland

Home Security Advice
The following information is being circulated on behalf of Police Scotland

As Covid restrictions are slowly lifted and we start to leave our homes, it is a good time to review home security.

Some points to consider are:

Outside lighting– lights should be beyond the reach of thieves who will happy disable them if possible;

Garage – consider including the garage in any house alarm system, especially if bikes are stored within.  Make sure any doors connecting the house and garage are as secure as your homes front / back doors;

Shed – consider fitting a shed alarm, cover windows, and fit coach bolts on hinges, padlock and hasp;

Bikes – register with, use heavy duty D locks / ground anchor to secure it within a shed / garage.  Remove batteries from E-bikes;

Patio / Bi-fold doors – consider vibration sensors which trigger if someone attempts to smash the glass.  These can be stand alone or part of the house alarm;

Windows – all ground floor and easily accessible windows should be fitted with key operated locks;

Car / keys – check manually that your car is locked, don’t assume the remote key has worked.  Consider where keys are kept within your home, don’t leave them by doors, windows or letter boxes;

Safe – if you have a safe make sure it is fitted to the fabric of the building in line with manufacturer’s guidelines and that it is suitable for the items stored within. Speak to your insurance company if in doubt;

Locks – if your property has euroclyinder lock barrels make sure they are NOT protruding, Photo 1, as thieves may be able to snap them to gain entry.  The end of the barrel should be flush with the door / handle.


Photo 2 shows a British Standard kite mark rated eurocylinder lock barrel – TS 007 3 star, which can be used to replace lower quality barrels.  It is designed to combat lock snapping and should still be fitted flush with the door / handle.

If your home has more traditional mortice locks we would recommend that they are British Standard 5 lever mortice locks (BS3621).  For assistance fitting locks contact a UK Master Locksmith Association member.  

If you are considering purchasing any security products Police Scotland would always recommend that they are endorsed by either:

Secured by Design – or Sold Secure–
Both these organisations test products in a similar way to the British Kite mark scheme, to give consumers a level of reassurance and help them make a more informed decision when purchasing items. Although there is no 100% guarantee that a criminal could not overcome a product.  Many Sold Secure items (e.g. bike locks) are rated Gold, Silver and Bronze and priced accordingly.

For any aspect of crime prevention a layering of techniques / methods is preferable, to deter and prevent criminals. The key is to make the life of a thief as difficult as possible – to make the act of stealing slow, noisy and difficult.

I appreciate this is a brief whistle stop tour of home security, for more information visit

Or contact your local crime prevention team,
Tel: 101

For those having difficulty viewing the images within this Alert I have also attached them for your convenience.


AttachmentsSBD Photo 1+2.JPG – 22.1 KBSBD and Sold Secure logo.JPG – 18.4 KB
Message Sent By
Varrie McDevitt (NHWN, Admin Assistant, NW Scotland)
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Trinity Community Council Online Meeting May 10th, 7pm

“Living in Trinity” Survey Summary and Discussion

Guest Speaker:   

Helen Duncan, Director, Scotinform

Join us on Monday when our guest speaker will be Helen Duncan of Scotinform.  Helen will take us through the results of the survey which she helped Trinity Community Council run concerning what residents enjoy about Living in Trinity, what they don’t enjoy quite so much and what they would like to see improved.  Should be an interesting discussion!

We will also make the draw for the £20 online voucher for survey participants and the winner will be notified directly by e-mail to maintain confidentiality.

Join us on Monday 10th May 2021 at 7pm by Microsoft Teams Videoconference

Click here to join the meeting using your computer or mobile app

Or call in (audio only)  via 020 4526 8577,,102134595# (Conference ID: 102 134 595# )

If dialling in from a landline please dial the phone number followed by the above conference number and a hash.  Don’t hesitate as a longish pause when entering the conference number will cause it to time out.

The meeting will be recorded solely to help minute taking after which the recording will be destroyed.  By attending you will be giving your consent to this.

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Doorstep Crime Campaign

Shut Out Scammers
Dear All,

Trading Standards Scotland, supported by Police Scotland, is running a Doorstep Crime campaign during May.
Please see the attached useful advice document.
If you think a bogus caller or doorstep criminal has called on you, or been in your street, report this to the police immediately on ‘101’ (non-emergency) or ‘999’ (in an emergency).
If you would rather remain anonymous, you can report any incidents to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
For further crime prevention advice go to or contact your local Crime Prevention Officer by contacting ‘101’.

Kind Regards
PC Kaiser-Ferris
Police Scotland
Prevention, Intervention and Partnerships Department
Edinburgh Division

AttachmentsDoorstep-signpost-leaflet.pdf – 547.8 KB
Message Sent By
Sonja Kaiser-Ferris (Police, Constable, Edinburgh)
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City Nature Challenge 2021

Just a reminder that the City Nature Challenge 2021 is taking place this weekend and I thought I’d share some info from Sarah-Jayne Foster from RSPB about this year’s challenge. Please do take part, it’s a simple and fun activity and contributes valuable records to help wildlife. Feel free to share this with your own networks, we need every record.

City Nature Challenge

Do you love nature but have never recorded what you found? This year’s City Nature Challenge is taking place from 30th April to 3rd May and is the perfect way to start recording your local wildlife.

To take part just visit the City Nature Challenge website and download the free iNaturalist app. You don’t need outdoor space or any previous experience of nature recording – all you need is your phone and the app and you’re good to go. The only criteria for submitting records is that the photo must be of wild species – so no pets or garden plants. The annual event is a challenge between over 400 cities worldwide, with 14 in the UK taking part including Glasgow and Edinburgh, to see which one can record the most species over the weekend.

It’s a great family activity and children love taking part. Get involved by taking photos of the plants, insects, animals, birds or fungi spotted from your window or in your local green space. No expert knowledge is needed as the app will help to ID your findings, or photos can be shared with the global community that use the app who can help with identifying.

Why is City Nature Challenge and wildlife recording so important? As more of us live in cities, it is important that we understand how different species are adapting to the habitats in them, to find ways to make homes for them. Cities can appear as a patchwork of tiny fragmented habitats from gardens to local parks, window boxes to brownfield sites. It is therefore impossible to understand what’s going on in cities without engaging a large variety of people who live, work and play across it. However, to wildlife, a city is one big habitat where they can go from park to garden to get what they need to survive. We need to know what exists in our cities, especially brownfield sites and also around the edges of the city in the suburbs and the surrounding countryside as these are some of the areas more vulnerable to development. If we know what species are in these areas, they are more likely to be protected.

In 2020, 10 city regions across the UK joined forces to activate a national community of almost 5,000 wildlife recorders during City Nature Challenge. Recorders contributed an incredible 71,500 wildlife records to local and national databases, where they are used to inform conservation, management and research.

Greater Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife are both taking part this year with boundaries that extend to most of the central belt in Scotland. The project is being coordinated by our Giving Nature a Home team who led the Glasgow City Nature Challenge for the last two years. If you are outside the Greater Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife boundaries you can also take part in the collaborative UK project. This is a great opportunity to discover more about the wildlife that lives where you live by recording the wildlife and plants you see. You can record what you see from your windows, spot in your flower boxes, find outside in your gardens or balconies or see in your local park or greenspaces.  Remember to follow government advice and social distancing guidelines.

So, over the weekend of 30th April – 3rd May, become a citizen scientist and record the wildlife you see in your local patch. Contribute to conservation work, have fun and help our wildlife!

If you live in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife take part here.

Best Wishes


Sarah Murphy

Senior Programmes Officer

Parks, Greenspace and Cemeteries

Level 3.1, Waverley Court

4 East Market Street

Edinburgh, EH8 8BG

Tel:  07874 635155

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Craigroyston CYFC Looking for Local Footballers

Local football team Craigroyston CYFC are looking for footballers.

Club Name: Craigroyston CYFC

Age Group: 2007s

Area: North Edinburgh

Training/Match Days: Training Wednesdays and Fridays 6:20-7:20pm

Games: Sunday mornings. We play in SERYFA division 3 North/West Recruiting: defenders and midfielders

Contact:​ Sam Andrews: or 07796341085

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Scam Reminder

Hi Everyone
I know many of you are very knowledge when it comes to scams however for the benefit of new members here are some tips to help spot and avoid scams  
Tips to avoid being scammed:
Be cautious and listen to your instincts. Don’t be afraid to hang up, bin it, delete it or shut the door.
Legitimate organisations wouldn’t ask you to pay taxes, bills or fees using gift cards or vouchers.

Know who you’re dealing with – if you are unsure or need help, talk to someone you know or get in touch with trading standards at
Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision. Under no circumstances would a genuine bank, Government department (e.g. HMRC) or reputable organisation pressure you to make a financial transaction on the spot or threaten you with legal action / arrest.
Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information. Just because someone knows your basic details (such as your name and contact details), it doesn’t mean they are genuine. Instead, contact the company directly using trusted methods such as a known email address or phone number.

Contact information:
If you think you’ve been scammed, or someone has come to your door to offer services or goods you were not expecting, report it to Police Scotland on 101. If you are in immediate danger, contact the police on 999.
For further advice, call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133 or visit the Police Scotland website
For advice and guidance on suspicious emails or ‘phishing’ emails or text messages, please visit the National Cyber Security Centre website for tips on how to stay safer online –

Contact your bank if you think you have been scammed or attempts have been made to get money from any of your accounts

Why not take advantage of the free online training at to learn more about different types of scams and how to protect yourself and others

PC Campbell
Message Sent By
Samantha Campbell (Police, Constable, Edinburgh)
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Bogus Door to Door Callers

Dear All,

Police Scotland have received a few reports this week of potential bogus workmen operating in various areas of Edinburgh. The males offer to clean gutters and when paid for agreed works the work carried out (if any) was of a poor standard. They are using white vans, without livery, with ladders on top and foreign registration plates.

Descriptions of the males are as follows:

Male, white, short build, brown hair, Irish accent, High Viz vest, facemask
Male, white, heavy build, brown hair, Irish accent, Orange High Viz vest,
Male, white, medium build, 30-40 years old, High Viz vest, grey trousers, black cap with shamrock on the front

If someone calls on you:

LOCK – Keep your front, back, and side doors locked, even when you are at home.
STOP – Before you answer, stop and think if you are expecting anyone. Check that you have locked the back door and taken the key out. Look through a door viewer (‘spy hole’) to see who it is.
CHAIN – If you decide to open the door, put the door chain or door bar on first if you have one. Keep the chain or bar on while you are talking to the person on the doorstep.
CHECK – Even if they have a pre-arranged appointment, check identity cards carefully. Close the door while you do this. If you are still unsure, look up a phone number in the phone book or online and ring the organisation to verify their identity. Do not use a phone number on the identity card as this may be fake.
Bogus callers may be smartly dressed and claim to be from the council, police, or utility company. They can also turn up as builders, gardeners, or other trades and try to trick you into paying for unnecessary work. You should never agree to have work done by someone who is just passing by or ‘cold calling’ you. If you think work needs done get at least three quotes from trusted companies. Use The Edinburgh Trusted Trader Scheme to find tradespeople who have been checked and vetted by both Police and Trading Standards officers. Information on this Scheme can be found on: or by phoning 0131 513 9921.
If you think a bogus caller or doorstep criminal has called on you, or been in your street, report this to the police immediately on ‘101’ (non-emergency) or ‘999’ (in an emergency).
If you would rather remain anonymous, you can report any incidents to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Please consider signing up to the following bulletins for up to date information on current frauds/scams:

Trading Standards Scam Share Bulletin:

Cyber Scotland Bulletin:
For further crime prevention advice go to or contact your local Crime Prevention Officer by contacting ‘101’.

Kind Regards
PC Sonja Kaiser-Ferris
Police Scotland
Prevention, Interventions and Partnerships Department
Edinburgh Division
Message Sent By
Sonja Kaiser-Ferris (Police, Constable, Edinburgh)
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